nDOC is dead

nDOC seems to have hit the end, rather sometime back. The reasons being cited by the dev admin of nDOC is,

1) lack of funds for full time involvment
2) Release of Sandcastle : I quote,
Once ‘Sandcastle’ is released, it is my belief that it will become the de-facto standard and that NDoc will slowly become a stagnant side-water. This will happen regardless of technical considerations, even if Sandcastle were to be less feature-complete. It's just an inevitable result of MS's 'not-invented-here' mentality, one only has to look at Nant and NUnit to see the effects of MS 'competition'.

For reason1, is there anyway many of us who are not in US can donate for these wonderful tools which is a result of just passion for product? If there are, I would be glad to donate for the cause.

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