Google Chrome- simple review

This is my personal review of Google Chrome, the browser.

very smooth - typical google style of silent and minimal intrusive.

takes about 4 mins to install
would have been better if an offline download msi is also available since there could be

firewalls that block exe downloads.

+ve takes 1 min or so to show the first screen.

requires firefox to be shutdown for initial import. Guess this is more to do with FF that



nice blue skin - resembles word 2007 title bar and ribbon
Addressbar: auto complete is similar to FF
status bar is minimal and stretches as per the message lenght. does not appear static.
Tabs on top:
+ve you get a full view of the browsing page.

need some practice to locate the tabs since we are accustomed to look just right below the

address bar for so long.
Default home page:
this is similar to opera qucik tabs where in you get to see your favorite pages as small

screenshots for selection. in this case its the last 6 visited pages that is displayed.

Now for the crux of the matter:

Chrome does have an inbuilt task manager in 2 versions. a simple and advanced ones
Simple one is similar to the listing of various tabs and memory it consumes. and the CPU

usage %
Advanced model contains detailed stats on the process like virtual mem, private, mapped mem

and so on.

Now I tried to "end process" a time consuming tab, and yes it does not quite neatly.

Over all:
neat and typically google in nature, needs themes and skins for usage.
security, performance thru puts like html rendering, js parsing will need to be tested in

the days to come.


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