Bus routes map in Chennai

Never knew such a site existed in Chennai for bus routes
This is an innovative effort in collective intelligence
Click the URL to see the site http://busroutes.in/

If interested in the story behind this tool, click here

I would put this under tools still :)

update: there is one more site that does the same work and also provides information if travelling by your own transportation (through google maps)


R.Rajkumar said...

Hi Lakshminarayanan Sampath,

Thanks for mentioning MetroCommute.in.

Apart from the mentioned additional feature (driving directions over Google Maps, for use with for self driving or to find the distance in case you take an auto-rickshaw), MetroCommute.in is also tries to help out commuters with the following options:

* Listing of routes based on locality names instead of just stage names. This is useful for those who are not very familiar with the bus-stop/stage names.

* Providing frequencies for individual routes as well as aggregate frequency, so as to help decide whether it is better to wait for buses (if you had just missed one or it is very crowded) or to take an auto-rickshaw.

* Suggesting multiple options for hop-over points between points which are not directly connected by buses. The hop-over points suggestion is also based on bus frequency.

Thanks again for your mention.


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