Ramayana - the Google Chrome way

Most of us are familiar with the Ramayana. How about seeing it in Google Chrome?

The challenge is to narrate Ramayana using Google products and use Google Chrome as the best viewer.

This was sponsored by Google to introduce its services in Asia.

The story is split into 5 parts of ramayana.

Nice stuff:

  • The story board carries smooth animations and the site is best viewed in wide monitors with good surround sound.
  • uses google services very well
  • stealth(incognito) window to indicate Maaricha
  • Google maps for the location of Mythila & Lankan empires.
  • Google docs for the plans
  • Google chat window for dialog narration.
  • Plus likes for indicating Sita's fondness for the golden deer
  • Each character comes up in a new window. the movement of the windows across the screens shows the character's moves.
  • The background score is hauting and suites the mood of the story.
  • Thai names are used for the characters.
  • Works well in Google chrome

More information:

How it all began:

Eager to see the story?


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