SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

I have been reading the blog of Pinal Dave which focuses on sql server related topics. Came across an interesting note about interview questions in sql server areas.

Link: http://blog.sqlauthority.com/sql-server-books/sql-server-interview-questions-and-answers-for-all-database-developers-and-developers-administrators/

Chapter 1 Database Concepts With Sql Server
Chapter 2 Common Generic Questions & Answers
Chapter 3 Common Developer Questions
Chapter 4 Common Tricky Questions
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Questions On Sql Server 2008
Chapter 6 DBA Skills Related Questions
Chapter 7 Data Warehousing Interview Questions & Answers
Chapter 8 General Best Practices

Worthy to note are the non tech aspects of the interview like strengths, weakness, presence in social media etc.

Link : http://blog.sqlauthority.com/2012/01/01/sql-server-interview-questions-and-answers-perspectives-of-an-author/


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