Stanford online courses- my experience

Ever since Stanford University had announced online offerings for Artificial intelligence, I was interested in taking it. Along with it came 2 more courses on Machine learning and Databases.

Needless to say I enrolled for all of the courses. The courses started in October 2011. The delivery mode was thru online lectures of around 10-15minutes each. The lectures were by eminent professors who handles the same subjects in Stanford full time courses.

Each video was interspread with quizes you need to answer. Finally there were weekly homeworks which students had to complete. AI class had 2 midterms and 1 final exam. ML didnot have any. DB class had 1mid term and 1 final.


  • Totally free of charge
  • Lectures by the best in the business
  • Very good discussion board and a great frequency of updates
  • Exposure to current industry trends in respective fields.
  • Statement of accomplishment sent to successful students.I had received 1 for AI.
  • Finally: the joy of learning!


  • Quite tough for professionals since time is limited.
  • Needs discipline to continue through the rigour.

thanks for reading this lengthy post, if you are interested in joining the courses from January'12, do visit

There are 12 courses to enroll.

Best of luck!


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